About Me

"Whereas engineering is applied physics, law is applied philosophy"

Devin Klassen


I was born in British Columbia in 1990, I’ve spent most of my life living in and around Canada and the United States of America, primarily around Vancouver, B.C.

As a young child, I apparently desired to grow up to become a geologist or a judge, the geologist plan isn’t really panning out. During my youth I did many jobs such as a paper route, ice hockey referee, working at a restaurant, working at a movie theatre, and working at a gas station. I spent a number of years in the Canadian Army Reserve.


I first attended the University of the Fraser Valley for history before learning and discovering the majesty and absolute necessity of a degree (and life) steeped in philosophy. I transferred partway through my undergraduate degree to the University of British Columbia wherein I finished my Bachelor of Arts with a major in philosophy and a minor in political science. Following this, I spent a year or so working at a bar as a bar manager before going to law school. I moved to and attended law school in Queensland Australia graduating a semester early with top honours (first-class distinction) the equivalent being magna cum laude.

Now I spend my days musing on the philosophy of metaphysics and epistemology, political philosophy, and the state of affairs that we call the constitutional and administrative system. I have represented various persons before differing administrative tribunals and court levels and from time to time write articles and other works on law.


To describe me as a Romanophile (which pains me to say given the Greek rather than Latin suffix… Romanofilia maybe?) would be an understatement. I have traced my ancestry directly back to my Roman descendants (as well as my Nordic and Brittanic ones). I tend to be off-put by every type of modern media, be it news, music, television, or literature; I do not mind anyone else liking what they like but you will probably not find a riveting conversation about popular music or streaming with me because I probably will not know what you are talking about.

I feel very strongly about what I see is an absolute and devastating degeneration of the typical person to think in a critical and analytic matter. I tie most of the world’s current problems directly to or at least plurally to this degeneration. This is not a failure of most individuals themselves but a collective failure of each and every one of us and allowing our education, legal, and political atmospheres to atrophy and underserve our children.

I spend most of my free time reading legal and philosophical works and listening to historical academic podcasts and documentaries, I do not tend to enjoy the History Channel reenactment, over-emphasizing, production based infotainment as much.

Currently I am on a language learning bender and now understand how being forced to think with a different set of words and grammar is so valuable. I do not place any weight on relativism or subjectivity in ethics or politics and view mankind as having an intrinsically shared nature both for good and ill. 

I oppose “plain language” teaching of writing for anything even remotely technical (looking at you legal and scientific fields) as time and time again it produces more ambiguity and vagueness rather than understanding. For instance, a contract should be written to be precise and technical because the parties to the contract do not go to it when things are going well, they go to it when things are breaking down and at that point preciseness and accuracy is what aids the lawyers and the judges.

Philosophically and legally I conduct myself in a colloquial but still proper way, I do not care for over-formality so long as proper decorum and respect is maintained in the context. Despite how ‘particular’ I may come across in writing, you will be either pleased or concerned to learn how animated and expressive I tend to be. Do not ask me about constitutional questions of the division of legislative powers unless you’re ready to deal with it. If you can’t handle me at my best you can’t handle me at my most constitutionally enthralled and exhaustively manic evaluative of proper legislative assignment worst.